Bankeside Schoole Instructors

Steven Leon

Maestro / Instructor

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Born and raised in Orange County, Steven's martial background began at the age of ten with Japanese Ryobu-kai karate under Sensei Kiyoshi Yamazaki. Under Yamazaki Sensei he was trained in not only in unarmed techniques but also Iai-tate-do (Japanese swordsmanship) which sparked his fascination in swordplay.

Steven has been involved with the study and training of European swordplay for over 20 years learning from such Masters as Christopher Villa of the SAFD and Micheal Cawalti of the Albion School. In the year 2000, Steven assumed instructorship of The Bankeside Schoole creating curriculum and teaching various European styles and weapons. In 2012, Steven carried away the title of Master for the Bankeside Schoole of Defense.


Assistant Instructors

Douglas Bingham

Cory Nelson

Ryan Wong